Latest Vulnerabilities

  • CVE-2018-10299
    An integer overflow in the batchTransfer function of a smart contract implementation for Beauty Ecosystem Coin (BEC), the Ethereum ERC20 token used in the Beauty Chain economic system, allows attackers to accomplish an unauthorized increase of digital assets by providing two _receivers arguments in conjunction with a large _value argument, as exploited in the wild in April 2018, aka the "batchOverflow" issue. NOTE: the OKEx exchange suspended BEC trading as of 2018-04-22; however, the integer overflow in this codebase can still be exploited through transactions involving other exchanges and/or other tokens.
  • CVE-2018-10297
    Discuz! DiscuzX through X3.4 has stored XSS via the portal.php?mod=portalcp&ac=article URI, related to mishandling of IMG elements associated with remote images.
  • CVE-2017-17889
    Kliqqi CMS 3.5.2 has XSS via a crafted group name in pligg/groups.php, a crafted Homepage string in a profile, or a crafted string in Tags or Description within pligg/submit.php.
  • CVE-2018-10298
    Discuz! DiscuzX through X3.4 has reflected XSS via forum.php?mod=post&action=newthread because data/template/1_diy_portal_view.tpl.php does not restrict the content.
  • CVE-2017-17902
    SQL Injection exists in Kliqqi CMS 3.5.2 via the randkey parameter of a new story at the pligg/story.php?title= URI.
  • CVE-2018-10295
    ChemCMS v1.0.6 has CSRF by using public/admin/user/addpost.html to add an administrator account.
  • CVE-2018-10296
    MiniCMS V1.10 has XSS via the mc-admin/post-edit.php title parameter.
  • CVE-2018-10286
    The Ericsson-LG iPECS NMS A.1Ac web application discloses sensitive information such as the NMS admin credentials and the PostgreSQL database credentials to logged-in users via the responses to certain HTTP POST requests. In order to be able to see the credentials in cleartext, an attacker needs to be authenticated.
  • CVE-2018-10285
    The Ericsson-LG iPECS NMS A.1Ac web application uses incorrect access control mechanisms. Since the app does not use any sort of session ID, an attacker might bypass authentication.
  • CVE-2018-9245
    The Ericsson-LG iPECS NMS A.1Ac login portal has a SQL injection vulnerability in the User ID and password fields that allows users to bypass the login page and execute remote code on the operating system.