Arcsight ESM Expert - Certification

Course Overview :

This course aims to provide you with the necessary skills to deploy,manage & perform daily Security Operations on Arcsight ESM Suite. You will play a hands-on role in building a fully functional Arcsight ESM - 4.5 Setup.

Your ability to understand concepts around using & working with Arcsight ESM 4.5 Family products and intigrate different end device logs to central ESM Server. Creation of different Active Channels , Dashboards, Reports and Rules. And also creating full ticketing system with in ESM along with using all functions of the product.

What you Will Learn :

  • How to Assess and Understand the Arcsight SIEM Deplyment in Big / SME Enterprise.
  • How to do Arcsight ESM 4.5+ Administration and End device Log integration.
  • Protect IT Infrastructure with Arcsight ESM Capabilities.
  • Map IT Infra environment Vulnerability / Threat vectors.
  • Implement advanced Filters,Active Channels, Rules,Reports,DashBoards,  & Cases.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve basic issues encountered during Daily Operation.
  • Converting 0-Day Vulnerabilities into Proactive Rules and DashBoards.
  • Implementing defenses to catch internal threats & Security Incidents.


About SIEM & Arcsight:
SIEM ( Security Information and Event Management) is the most emerging Information Security field where each organization is bound to comply with many compliance policies and also to make sure organizations important assest and people are protected from external and internal threats. Arcsight ESM( No.1 in SEM/SIEM Category) provides most comprehensive solution to take care of both Compliance and security monitoring in an effective and centrally managable.


  • Instructor-led Training (ILT)
  • Four (4) Days + Exam (1 Day)
  • Course Code: NC-SIEM-AS11


  • Basic TCP/IP Knowledge
  • Willing ness to learn


  • IT Security Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • Administrator
  • Any Information Sec Person


Pune, Bangalore
Batch: 1

What is Expected During the Course:

  1. Course Ware Material ( 4 Books)
  2. Material and Tools - DVD ( 1 No)
  3. Certificate ( With in 1 Week)
  4. Blog Access - For Future Q&A
  5. Entry into Almuni DB & Discounts
    ( E-mail Notifications, E-mail Help)

Value Addition in Couse/Training:

  1. Talk towards practical Deployment
  2. Work on Fully Simulated Corporate Networks
  3. Lab Exercise for each Topic
  4. Latest Threat and Vulnerabilities talk
  5. Case Studies - 2 from Industry
  6. Access to Central Wiki-Portal
  7. Long Term Career Path Focus

Completion criteria:

  • Successful completion of all Daily assessment quizzes (>70%)
  • Successful completion of all exercises (verified and signed off by instructors)
  • Successful completion of final exam and practical (80% or better on exam and instructor evaluation of practical solution and presentation)